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Face Care

Professional treatments of ACADEMIE brand will give you the receipt to all your skin’s needs. Multisensory rituals will take you on an excellent journey to the world of beauty and wellness. All the professional treatments are based on a technical manual massage elaborated by the greatest spa & wellness consultants. The original and exclusive treatments will give you a perfect well-being and visible and lasting effects.

 Individual selected to your skin’s needs treatments improve condition of your skin and give it beautiful appearance. They connect the cleaning – peeling phase with an intensively acting pure serum and mask, which stimulates the skin to rebuilding and helps to eliminate any it’s problems. A face massage increases effectiveness of used mixtures and has a relaxing effect. During the treatment a massage of hands is executed.

Face cosmetic

  • Problematic complexion cleansing
  • A crystal purity – a fat skin cleansing treatment.

    The treatment is designed of a fat and problematic skin. An iris – zinc complex acts anti-inflammatory and accelerates skin healing. A skin get back a fresh and mat appearance

    Duration: 60 minutes, price: 200 PLN

  • A dry skin moisturizing
  • The delicate touch – a moisturizing treatment

    This is a moisturizing treatment for dry and dehydrated skin. It complements a level of water in skin, stimulates regenerating processes and strengthens a protective layer.

    Duration: 60 minutes, price: 200 PLN

    – The honey temptation – Moisturizing, anti – age treatment

    The real moisturizing bath for each type of dehydrated skin. The hyaluronic acid, omega 3 acids – 6-9 and a honey extract immediately moisture, give back comfort and make wrinkles shallow.

    Duration: 60 minutes, price: 200 PLN

  • The sensitive skin soothing
  • – The flowering linden – a treatment for couperose skin

    The treatment constricts blood vessels. It is designed for especially sensitive and couperose skin. It reduces the amount of water in skin tissue and strengthens blood vessels. It alleviates reddening and skin irritation.

    Duration: 60 minut, price: 200 PLN

  • The firming and the lifting
  • The firming treatment with vitamin C

    A luxury firming treatment recommended to mature skin. It models facial features, counteracts skin flaccidity, stretches skin giving it an immediate effect of lifting. It rebuilds deep and firms. It makes wrinkles shallow. It stimulates production of collagen and elastin. The effects strengthen after few treatments. The skin gets back its firmness and flexibility.

    Duration: 75 minute, price: 320 PLN

    The collagen mask treatment

    It is a real injection of youth for your skin. It moistures deeply, smooths and lighten the skin. It makes wrinkles shallow and tenses the skin giving a lifting effect. This unique treatment gives spectacular results after the first use. It’s effects lasts many weeks after the last treatment. The collagen mask treatment is recommended especially before the great outgoing.

    Duration: 80 minutes, price: 320 PLN

  • Anti-aging treatments
  • The floral meadow – the treatment for the first wrinkles.

    An antioxidant, anti-age treatment suitable even after first signs of skin aging and also for mature skin. It reduces wrinkles and counteracts their formation. Thank of aromatic extracts of alpine flowers it inhibits the activity of free radicals. It de-stresses not only the skin, but the mind too.

    Duration: 60 minutes, price: 200 PLN

  • The express and around the eyes treatments
  • The express rejuvenating treatment

    The treatment after which we reach the fast effect of nutrition and a face lifting.

    Duration: 30 minutes, price: 120 PLN

    The express cleansing treatment (hypoallergenic)

    The half-hour treatment consisted of a peeling and an enjoyable face massage. It gives a fast face refresh feeling.

    Duration: 30 minutes, price: 120 PLN

    The anti-wrinkle treatment for sensitive eye areas    

    The specialistic treatment for the eye area which makes wrinkles shallow. It keeps optimal hydration and slows down flaccidity of an eye area skin.

    Duration:  30 minutes, price: 120 PLN

  • The additions
  • Additives for treatments

    The creamy mask – 30 PLN
    The algae mask – 40 PLN
    The ampoule – 30 PLN
    The cavitation – 50 PLN

Acid exfoliating treatments and cavitation peeling

Manual cleansing

A face + a creamy mask – 170 PLN
A face + serum + an algae mask – 190 PLN
Back + a cleansing mask – 190 PLN

An almond acid – a cleansing treatment for a couperose skin.

A face – 150 PLN
A face + a neck – 190 PLN
A face + a neck + a cleavage – 200 PLN

A glycolic acid – a cleansing, firming and brightening treatment for a mature skin.

A face – 170 PLN
A face + a neck – 190 PLN
A face + a neck + a cleavage – 210 PLN

A cavitation peeling – for all skin types

A face + a neck + a cleavage – 80 PLN
A face + a neck + a cleavage + mask – 120 PLN
To a treatment – 50 PLN