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pakiet dla niego

A quick set of facial and fitness treatments that will make you feel fresh and light …

Express Package

  • Relaxing massage of the back and legs with hot almond oil
  • Express treatment for the face, neck and cleavage: make-up removal + peeling + face, neck and cleavage massage + cream
  • Massage with brushes around the eyes
  • A cup of green tea

75 min/ 200 PLN


Male Glamour

We present a comfortable package for the face and body.

Massage will relax your skin and sore muscles.

For this we will clean, refresh and groom your face with an unearthly massage of the face, head and eye area, so that you feel like in heaven …

Relaxing massage for your body with warm coconut or hot almond oil (optional)

  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Professional face treatment: make up removal + peeling + complex face, neck and cleavage massage + a mask specially suited to your skin’s needs + cream
  • Eye area brush massage
  • Relaxing hand massage
  • A cup of green tea

120 min/ 300 PLN


Perfect Package
Are you tired, stressed, want to forget about all the problems and relax?
We invite you for a unique package of treatments, after which you will regain vitality.
The peeling will cleanse and nourish the skin, and a perfect massage will eliminate muscle tension.
Then we will take care of your face, we will provide it with a special treatment for men’s fragrance and we will make a pleasant massage with brushes around the eyes.
• Cleansing body scrub with sea salt crystals
• Classic or relaxing body massage with sweet almond oil
• Relaxing massage of the feet
• Cleansing and energizing treatment for the face: peeling + comprehensive face, neck and shoulder massage + mask adapted to the skin type + cream
• Relaxing head massage
• Massage with brushes around the eyes
• Relaxing hand massage
• A cup of green tea

150 PLN / 400 PLN