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Full Moon

Relaxing Body Massage
Face Massage
Relaxing Massage of feet
Time: 90 mins, Price: 250 PLN

Silky Skin

Body Scrub Goat Milk&Lychee
Serum + Body Mask
Relaxing Body Massage with Shea Butter
Time: 120 mins, Price: 290 PLN

Habibi by Organique

Body Scrub Habibi
Relaxing Body Massage with Shea Butter
Face Massage
Time: 90 min, Price: 250 PLN

New Moon

Scrub of the whole body
Aromatic Candle Massage
Fast Cleansing Treatment  on the face
Time: 120 mins, Price: 350 PLN

The Perfect Relax

A salt peelig with massage (back&legs)
Time: 60 mins, Price: 170 PLN

  • Calm down massage
  • Different Dimension of Relaxation Aromatherapeutic Massage with Lomi Lomi Influence

    A self-prepared massage contains elements of relaxing, classical and Lomi Lomi massage. Performed on warm oil with few drops of etheric oil chosen by a massaged person. It calms down and relaxes the body.

    Time: 60/90 minutes, Price: 150/200 PLN

    Fullness of Happiness – Therapeutic Massage back, shoulders and neck

    It’s a strong analgesic massage. It is recommended for stressed people who feel neck muscle tension. The effect of the massage is relaxation, light and relief feeling.

    Time: 30 min, Price: 100 PLN

    Magic Touch – Massage Partial rear body parts (back and legs)

    Classical or relaxing massage of a back, buttocks and legs. It is recommended on a sciatica, a leg numbness or a low back pain. It adds energy, stimulates the muscles and works curative.

    Time: 30 min, Price: 100 PLN

    Celebration of Senses – Feet Massage With Reflexotherapy Elements

    Feet are the map of your body. There are reflexoric points on them which reflect internal organs. With a proper stimulation of those points the massager is able to cure the pain and tensions in your body and make you feel better.

    Time: 30 minutes, Price: 100 PLN

    Magic Ritual – Massage of face, neck, shoulders and decolette

    The relaxing face massage, consisted of smooth and strong moves. It stimulates neckline and face muscles which in turn results in natural face lifting and skin moisture.

    Time: 30 minutes, Price: 90 PLN

  • Energy massage
  • High Tide of Energy – Classic Massage of the Whole Body

    A strong, stimulating whole-body massage. It is analgesic and accelerates muscle leisure. It is advisabled before and after physical effort, with spinal pain and leg numbness. It is recommended to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    Time: 60 minutes, Price: 150 PLN

    Power Health – Therapeutic Massage
    It is ideal after hard training or muscle overload.

    Time: 40/60 minutes, Price: 120/170 PLN

  • Heating massage
  •  Frangant Balm – Aromatic Candle Massage

    The exclusive ritual consisting of a warm-oil candle massage. The oil is a mixture of natural waxes and essential oils. It will make your skin wonderfully moistened, silky smooth and covered with magnificent scent.

    Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN

    Outflow of Stress – Massage with Hot Shells

    The wonderful ceremony of a massage with natural, warm seashells interwoven with a manual massage. It is recommended on cool days and to someone who feels relaxed with a warm touch. The massage technique is inspired on a wave movement. It relaxes muscles and soothes the nerves.

    Time: 60/90 minutes, Price: 220/290 PLN

    Power of the Moon – Moonstone Massage
    The massage is recommended to anyone who needs silencing, and deep relax. A relaxing function of the massage is based on touch and warm.

    Time: 60/90 minutes, Price: 190/250 PLN

    Warm Touch – Massage with Warm & Herbal Stamps

    Time: 60 minutes, Price: 190 PLN

  • Slimming massage
  • Intensive Slimming – Intensive Anti-Cellulite Massage with Chinese cupping reducing anti-cellulite complex, are used during the massage.

    The energetic manual massage combined with a chinese gummy-bubble massage. After the massage the skin is taut, firmed, and elastic. The series of massages is recommended, after which a cellulite becomes almost unnoticible.

    Time: 30/60 minutes, Price: 120/180 PLN

  • Choco & Coco massage
  • Coconut Body – massage with hot coconut oil

    A coconut massage of the whole body based on worm coconut oil. It has a magnificent scent that will nourish even the driest skin.

    Time: 60 mins, Price: 170 PLN

    Coconut Peeling & Massage

    An aromatic coconut peeling of the whole body with a coconut massage of the body. Your skin will become smooth, moistened and smelling a sweet coconut.

    Time: 90 mins, Price: 230 PLN

    Choco Massage – massage with hot chocolate

    A chocolate massage of the whole body on a natural, hot chocolate will calm tour body. It will bring you to another dimension of relax.

    Time: 60 mins, Price: 170 PLN

    Choco Peeling & Massage

    An aromatic chocolate body peeling with a hot-chocolate massage. The peeling and cocoa make your skin soft, firm. Your skin will get a pleasant color and smell wonderfully.

    Time: 90 mins, Price: 250 PLN