Get acquainted with our wide range of massages in Moonlight SPA. We invite you to take advantage of our massages for couples. Couples massage is a proposal both for couples and for two people close to each other. They take place in one common office or in two separate ones (at the discretion), they are performed by two therapists. Recommended massages for two: all company massages, Energy Rush - classic, Coconut Body - coconut oil, Velvet Touch - Shea butter and Body Cleansing Treatments with peeling.

Signature Massages


Bestseller Moonlight Spa based on the company’s full body massage with hot oil and extremely relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté. Ideal for stressed people looking for blissful relaxation. Full Moon is an excellent choice for people who struggle with frequent pain caused by stress and a sedentary lifestyle. It has a relaxing and relaxing effect on tense and sore muscles. Choose from a 60 or 90 minute body massage.

  • Relaxing aromatherapy massage with elements of Lomi Lomi massage (60 min or 90 min)
  • Relaxing hand massage
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Massage of face, neck, shoulders, neck and décolleté
  • Company massage with brushes around the eyes

90 minutes – 360 PLN

120 minutes – 440 PLN

A DIFFERENT DIMENSION OF RELAXATION - aromatherapeutic massage with elements of Lomi Lomi massage

Company massage Moonlight Spa, using elements:

  • relaxation massage
  • and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage.

Performed on warm oil with the addition of a few drops of essential oil. Calms the mind and relaxes the body. Lomi Lomi massage improves metabolism and supports the work of the digestive system. Thanks to massage, joint mobility is also increased. Relaxation massage with elements of Lomi Lomi is recommended for people who are exposed to stress and fatigue.

30 min. – 130 PLN relaxing massage of back, shoulders and neck

45 min. – 190 PLN relaxing, partial massage of the back, shoulders, neck and legs.

Relaxing aromatherapy massage of the whole body with elements of Lomi Lomi massage in 3 time versions:

60 min. – 240 PLN

90 min. – 320 PLN

120 min. – 390 PLN

HARMONY OF SENSES – feet massage with elements of reflexology

A deeply relaxing massage for tired feet. Through appropriate stimulation of the reflex points, the masseur is able to eliminate pain and any tension in your body and to improve your well-being.

30 min. – 130 PLN


SURGE OF ENERGY, - Classic Massage

Strong, stimulating massage, used for relieving pain and improving muscle regeneration. Recommended before and after physical activity, for people suffering from backaches, spine problems, leg cramps and numbness. It’s also recommended for everyone leading sedentary lifestyle, as a part of preventive healthcare.

45 min. – 190 PLN
60 min. – 240 PLN
90 min. – 320 PLN

POWER OF HEALTH – Therapeutic Massage

Remedial massage, suited individually to every client: their needs, problems and expectations. The masseur focuses on the problematic muscles and body parts, using mostly techniques of classic massage and fascial therapy.

45 min. – 190 PLN
60 min. – 240 PLN


VELVET TOUCH – relaxation massage with Shea body butter

Our bestselling relaxation massage of the whole body, performed with warm Shea body butter with the scent of your choosing. Shea butter moisturizes and nourishes your skin, leaving it enveloped in a gentle aroma.
60 min. – 260 PLN
90 min. – 340 PLN
120 min. – 410 PLN

COCONUT BODY - massage with coconut oil, with elements of Lomi Lomi Massage

Relaxation massage performed with warm, coconut oil. A perfect way to nourish dry, sensitive, easily irritated skin.

60 min. – 260 PLN
90 min. – 340 PLN
120 min. – 410 PLN

CHOCO BODY - massage with natural, hot chocolate

Relaxation massage performed with natural, warm chocolate is a delicious feast for your senses. Thanks to cocoa and caffeine from chocolate, the massage has a slimming and firming effect. Wonderful aroma will make you forget about everything else.

60 min. – 260 PLN
90 min. – 340 PLN


WARM TOUCH – massage with warm herbal stamps

Manual massage combined with the use of handmade, warm herbal stamps. The stamps are filled with mixture of herbs, lavender flowers and sea salt crystals. They help cleanse your body and leave your skin smooth and firm.

60 min. – 260 PLN

90 min. – 340 PLN

120 min. – 410 PLN

STRESS RELIEF - massage with hot LAVA Shells

Amazing ceremony of massage with Filipino shells, combined with manual massage. The inside of each shell is filled with activator, which generates heat, and special gel, containing minerals and sea algae. Technique of the massage is inspired by the movement of sea waves. The massage relieves muscle tension and sets your mind at ease.

60 min. – 320 PLN
90 min. – 390 PLN

MOON POWER – hot stones massage

Hot stones massage is a combination of relaxation techniques with therapeutic effect. It melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness, helping you to relax and unwind.

60 min. – 280 PLN
90 min. – 370 PLN


INTENSE SLIMMING – modeling and drainage massage

Anti-cellulite massage with Chinese cupping will help get rid of cellulite, shape the figure and firm the skin. The draining and modeling massage works quickly and effectively, and the effects are visible after several treatments. Action of modeling and drainage massage:

  • improving blood supply,
  • reduction of spine pain,
  • reducing muscle tension,
  • acts as lymphatic drainage – it supports the removal of toxins from the body, reduces swelling and accelerates metabolism.

45 min. – 190 PLN
60 min. – 240 PLN

Package: 6 x Modeling Massage "Intensive Slimming"

45 min. –960 PLN instead of 1140 PLN

60 min. – 1200 PLN instead of 1440 PLN

Package: 10 x Modeling Massage "Intensive Slimming"

45 min. –1600 PLN instead of 1900 PLN

60 min. – 2000 PLN instead of  2400 PLN

Face massage

MAGIC RITUAL – face, neck shoulders and upper chest massage

A relaxing massage consisting of smooth, gently lifting movements. It improves blood circulation and nourishes the skin of the face, and additionally the massage of the nape, neck and décolleté provides

30 min. – 140 PLN

KOBIDO Massage - Japanese Face Massage

Kobido is called lifting without a scalpel or non-surgical facelift.

Kobido massage is a multi-stage massage of the face, neck and décolleté. It consists of several stages: deep tissue massage + deep relaxation and relaxation + drainage.

The massage regulates the energy balance of the body, provides relaxation and relaxation effectively fighting stress, relieves headaches, firms the skin, and eliminates wrinkles.

60 min – 250 PLN

Kobido massage + face cosmetic taping

90 min – 290 PLN

Children's Spa

Full body massage

Full body massage: with warm olive oil or natural chocolate (to choose from) (45 min)

NOTE: The offer is intended for children over 9 years of age

45 min. – 170 PLN

Full body massage and face massage

Full body massage with warm olive oil + facial massage (45 min)

45 min – 170 PLN

Spa package for a parent with a child

Parent and child package (45 min):

  • for the parent – relaxing, partial massage of the back, shoulders, neck and legs with warm olive oil
  • for the child – option 1. full body massage with warm olive oil or chocolate (massage product to choose from) or option 2. full body massage with warm olive oil + face massage

45 min – 360 PLN