Wellness area in the spa hotel

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the wellness area in the Moonlight Spa room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Kraków Hotel & Convention Center.

VIP Room

Mulled Wine – SPA ritual with bath

A SPA ritual with a bath that combines the pleasure of the treatment with a nourishing effect for the skin. The treatment begins with a care bath in a luxurious VIP room.

A deeply relaxing bath with aromatic sparkling salt stimulates the senses and saturates the body with minerals.

The peeling cleanses and smoothes the skin, and the massage oxygenates the muscles and stimulates microcirculation. The antioxidant nature of cosmetics with the scent of mulled wine helps to slow down the aging process.

A glass of wine drunk during the bath allows you to fully enjoy the ceremony.

A treatment for skin in need of renewal and deep cleansing. The ritual can be experienced with a loved one in the form of a package for two.

  •  relaxing bath
  • salt & sugar body scrub with Shea butter
  • full body relaxation massage with Shea butter, with ele-ments of Lomi Lomi massage (60 min)
  • glass of red wine

120 minutes

Full Moon Package + session in dry sauna

The package includes a relaxing and detoxifying session in a dry sauna, which, combined with a cool shower, improves blood circulation.

After a session in the sauna, you can relax in the privacy of the VIP room and hydrate your body, as the price includes a carafe of water.

Then, a relaxing full body massage is performed, which also envelops the senses thanks to the aromatherapy oils used. Natural oil, on which the massage is performed, will support the processes of skin renewal and regeneration, as well as improve its elasticity.

The ritual ends with a relaxing face massage that will moisturize and refresh tired skin.

Invite a loved one and take advantage of a private sauna and firming massages for two!

  • Session in dry sauna
  • Full body relaxation massage with elements of Lomi Lomi massage (60 min)
  • Relaxing hands massage
  • Relaxing feet massage
  • Face, neck, shoulders and upper chest massage
  • Eye-era massage with cosmetic brushes

120 minutes

MEN Ritual – with sauna or bath

Body treatment with the scent of lavender with lemon, jasmine and sea notes for Him.

A full body massage in the candlelight and fresh, refreshing aroma will improve the appearance of the skin and make it velvety smooth.

Extremely nourishing shea butter used for massage is a proposal for the most demanding skin.

A relaxing massage can be accompanied by a revitalizing bath or a session in a dry sauna for exclusive use.

The choice of a warm aromatherapy bath in sparkling salt will soothe the senses, bring the body into a state of relaxation and act enzymatically in order to obtain radiant and healthy skin.

A session in the sauna combined with a cool shower will bring a rain of sensations and a surge of life energy.

The MEN Spa ritual is dedicated to people who want to regain inner harmony and get away from the daily routine.

  • Relaxing bath with effervescent salts OR a session in dry sauna (at choice)
  • Full body relaxation massage with elements of Lomi Lomi massage, with sea-scented
  • massage oil Aqua Blue (60 min)

90 minutes

As part of the Packages, you can also order additionally paid refreshments and / or wine, served with the bath (menu from the restaurant).

We invite you to take advantage of the SPA Rituals in the VIP room in our location at 5 Dąbska Street.

Sauna and bath price list


ONLY as an addition to treatments:

30 minutes


ONLY as an addition to treatments:

30 minutes